What is Zephonic Music?

Zephonic Music is the brainchild/alter ego of Menno de Boer.

Menno is an eclectic and versatile musician, and Zephonic is the moniker under which he produces Hiphop/R&B/EDM/Club/Pop music.

Menno also plays Jazz and Gospel keyboards professionally, and has considerable experience as a composer/engineer for Radio and TV advertising.

What does Zephonic Music do?

Make music! It is pretty diverse, but services include:

  • remixes
  • songwriting/composition
  • music production
  • sound design
  • audio post
  • location recording / live sound
  • digital audio management/reproduction/distribution

Sounds good. Now how to get in touch?

You can email Zephonic Music at info@zephonic.com